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Design Start is a full-service web design and creative services company offering cutting-edge design solutions to small and medium enterprises in Singapore and across the globe.

Our background and experience matter, and with hundreds of projects spanning multiple industries, we are constantly building real human relationships and delivering exceptional results.

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Our Solutions And Services.

Every business is unique, and we don’t try and fix your business into a box especially when designing around your needs is a must. Below is a list of our website design and graphic design services.

Website Design

Web design services that help you grow website traffic, convert more visitors, and dominate your industry.

Graphic Design

Graphic design solutions that help you convey messages effectively, transforms users’ perception, and inspires action.


Domain name registration services to help you find the best domain names, and to establish your business identity.

The Best Website Design And Development Company For Your Business.

Our website design and graphic design company has the pleasure of partnering with business of different sizes, industries, and niches. Some of the key projects we done include…
Logo Design + Brochure Design
Website Design
Logo Design
Landing Page Design
eCommerce Design + Logo Design
Logo Design + Stationery Design
Website Design + Domain Name
Logo Design + Social Media Design

2 Years. 100+ Projects.
100% Responsive & Dedication.

As a top website design agency, we are proud that some of the best brands in Singapore and world trust Design Start to scale their business. Some of the successful clients we’ve partnered with include…

Brand: HOMAG
Brand: Trizilla
Brand: BitBot
Brand: Octavia
Brand: The Box Bar
Brand: RingDog
Brand: Mander
Brand: Soon Huat Eng Kee Stone Workshop

What You Need To Know.

We provide a comprehensive faq section to help you understand more of us and the commonly asked questions we received.

The pricing of a project can be quite different due to the variations in the project scope, deliverables, and timeline. Your business isn’t a one size fits all business, and so should your project. If you’ve a well-defined project scope or just looking around for prices, you should check out our website design price packages for an accurate estimate.

To give an instance, a typical end-to-end web design project will take 4-12 weeks and cost $1,500-$5,500. If you’re looking for a custom quote, talk to a Design Start expert first with a quick summary of your project. We endeavor to reply within 1 working day to follow-up with you and other questions on your project.

Our process is your journey. While each of the project we take on is unique, we’ll always stick to the following 4 key phases:

Before we do anything, we have to understand you. We need to understand what makes you and your business unique. We want to see what are your goals and objectives so that we can produce the result that both you and I are proud of.

In the discovery phase, we usually start by asking a series of questions to better understand your business, your customers, your pain points, and your goals. Based on the discovery results, we’ll provide a custom quote with a full summary of our discussion, project phases, and breakdown of deliverables included in the project.

This entire discovery process is free and at no cost to you.

Research and Wireframe Design
After the proposal has been approved, we start by proceeding with the research phase. In this phase, we find out your target audience demographics, interests and behaviors. We also visit your competing websites, and analyze key design strategies.

While researching, we also start brainstorming about the choice of colors, placement of call-to-actions, fonts usage and other intricate details. We proceed with the wireframe design and it’s also your first chance to visualize your website. This is also the stage where we gather your feedbacks, and then make necessary adjustments before proceeding with the designing of the rest of the website.

Design and Development
Once we’ve received your sign-off on the wireframe design, we’ll proceed with the design and development of the rest of the website, kicking off two phases in unison. In the first phase, we gather from you all materials
including content copy and graphics required for the website.

At the same time, we also kick off the technical side of the design process and that includes working on website navigation, user interface design, mobile responsive and more. We’ll present you with the final version of the website and your feedback is especially important during this stage.

Launch and Training
Once we’ve everything in place, the wait is over and we can finally launch your website online. Before the launch day, we will also perform final validation and testing to make sure your website provides a uniform user experience across all browsing devices.

We hand over all assets for your website and also provide a comprehensive training session to ensure your team has the expertise and confidence to handle the website.

The time it takes to build a website varies and depends on multiple factors:
  • The scope of the project.
  • The involvement and engagement level of the client.
  • The readiness of web content and media assets.
For a typical end-to-end project, it will take 1-2 months to complete. These estimates are based on normal design timings and if you’ve a deadline to meet, please talk to our website designer and developers to see how we can help.

The process of taking over a completed website can be daunting, and for this very reason, we will be providing online training sessions to ensure that you have the basic knowledge to add content and make minor changes down the road effectively.

We don’t believe in building a website and then charging exorbitant prices later on just to upload some photos or visuals.

Of course! In the discovery phase, we will go through a comprehensive list of questions with you to understand your needs and requirements of the redesign work.

This is an important step as the questions asked will help us in finding out the issues you are facing in your old website.

Our website design price packages are optimized for businesses that know exactly what they need. Talk to a Design Start expert for a custom quote for your project.

Yes! From big corporate companies to small businesses, we offer a range of monthly care plans designed to reduce the workload of your in-house team, and also ensure that your website is updated with the latest content and patches.

To find out more about the different care plans, talk to a Design Start expert today.

No, all design projects are built and completed in-house and in Singapore only.

Definitely! We have worked with brands and companies outside of Singapore including, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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