Everything You Need To Know About Website Builders

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Everything You Need To Know About Website Builders

Everything You Need To Know About Website Builders

Website builders are tools that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing, definition from Wikipedia. In layman’s terms, it simply refers to the design and development of a website through an interactive drag and drop editor. It allows you to build a website, normally from a suite of templates which you can build your content around. There’s no installation of softwares needed as the work are normally carried out online through a web browser.

Using these website builders tend to require no coding expertise, and is designed specifially for end users who have no previous experience. Free Website builders are all the rage these days, and you can clearly see that everyone is discussing and using them. From Wix to Squarespace, Weebly to Jimdo, there’s almost a endless list of choices.

In this blog post, we seek to explain everything you need to know about website builders, the pros and cons, and if that’s something you should consider for your next web design project.


1. Bad Domain Names That Should Not Represent Your Business

Bad Domain Names That Should Not Represent Your Business​

You have work hard, building up your content, putting in the final touches, and ready to publish your website. What do you see on your domain name? That’s right, you will see the name of the website builder, normally right after your choice of your domain name. 

Domain name is basically the name of your business online and it’s what your audience use to access your website, typically through a website browser. It’s the brand name which you audience first gets to know you. A good domain name adds professional credibility to your business and provides greater visibility to your brand. It reinforces your branding images, and makes it so much easier for them to remember you.

What would your audience think when they see your domain name contains names like like WIX and SquareSpace? Is the business for real and can I place my trust in you?

Having your own domain name is very important, it reflects what your business is and what it stands for.

2. Advertisements and More Advertisements​​

Do We Need Advertisements

As the saying goes, “Nothing in life is free’. Have you ever wonder how free website builders are able to offer services for free? I guess you should have know it by now and as the title implies, they run ads on your websites.

For example, WIX runs advertisements on all pages for all websites that are under their free plan. You have no control of the nature of the advertisments and how it appears. People are exposed to too much of intrusive advertisements and hate ads in general. Ever coming across full page ads where they take over the entire screen, and when you tried to click on the close button, it opens up another window?

This leads to a very negative user experience on your website, and such experiences can really stick with them. 

3. Repetitive and Duplicate Website Design

Repetitive and Duplicate Website Design

Imagine this scenario. There’s a set of say 100 templates for you to choose from for the design of your website, and there’s million of users using the various free website builders. What’s the chances of your website using the same exact template from others or even worst, your competitors? This is not rocket science and the chances are indeed very high. 

First impression counts and you got only less than a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. People are getting increasingly impatient and would not hesitate to move on to something else. Thinking about brand loyalty! In business context, the unique identifier would be the unique selling point which seeks to address the issues that your audience are facing.

This is what sets you apart from your competitors, and is also one of the main reason why your customers choose you over the rest.


1. Catered For Users Who Have No Coding Expertise And Experience

Catered For Users Who Have No Coding Expertise And Experience

How do I build my own website if I do not have any experiences or coding expertise? This is where free website builder comes into play. Website builders are extremely useful for first-time owners and people who wishes to design and develop their very own websites.

For someone who just need a simple website without a full suite of customisations, website builders are definitely a choice to consider. There is little learning curve involved and designing work is normally carried out through an intuitive interface which you can drag and drop elements like images, text books, to achieve a desired outcome. 

It is great for users who have a limited budget on hand or for anyone who wish to just start on a side project.

2. Cost To Build A Website Is Minimal

Cost to Build a Website is Minimal

The cost to build a website through website builders are normally minimal and in most cases, it does not cost a single penny. Of course, that’s taken into consideration that you have not factored in the time you spend to build the website.

Website builders provide all the necessary infrastructures and tools to build an entire website from scratch. In turn, everything will be hosted under their platform and sometime, it’s really hard or impossible if you have decided to change to a different provider. 

It’s really important to take note on this point before starting a website on any website builders as your future expansion plans might take a hit and in some cases, you are forced to stick with them or start an entire new website elsewhere.


We hope you are still here with us? We have went through what website builders are all about, the different types of builders and the pro and cons of them. Website builders are definitely great to use for your personal page or blog page, but if you are really serious and determined of your work and business, it might not be the best direction you should take.

They are also not suitable for all purposes and for example, almost all free website builders does not include eCommerce functionality which allows you to sell your products and services online directly to your customers. Morever, there’s always restrictive features in place such as limited storage space, bandwidth, support, Google Analytics and more.

Have you decided on the direction you are taking for your next web design projects or have any burning questions in mind? Reach out to us.

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