41 Most Expensive Domain Names that are Publicly Reported

Last updated on May 14, 2020.
Most Expensive Domain Names

Choosing a good domain name for your business cannot be understated. But what if I tell you that your domain name can be more valuable than your business itself?

Buying and selling domain names have been around for many years and it works very much the same as what we would invest in wines and real estate. Analyze the domain name, make a prediction, buy low and sell high.

Before you register your domain name, we share the list of the most expensive domain names that have been sold for $3 million USD and more. This list will not include domain names that have been sold privately and not reported publicly.

What is Domain Name?

In simple terms, a domain name is the name of a website. It is a combination of texts and or numbers that user inputs to access a website.

Each domain name is unique and it’s impossible to have two websites with the same domain. Here are some examples of well-known domain names:

Quick Overview: Most Valuable Domain Names

1Business.com$345 million
2CarInsurance.com$49.7 million
3Insurance.com$35.6 million
4VacationRentals.com$35 million
5PrivateJet.com$30.18 million
6Voice.com$30 million
7Internet.com$18 million
8360.com$17 million
9Insure.com$16 million
10Sex.com$14 million
11Fund.com$12 million
12Hotels.com$11 million
13Tesla.com$11 million
14Porn.com$9.5 million
15Shoes.com$9 million
16Porno.com$8.8 million
17Fb.com$8.5 million
18We.com$8 million
19Diamond.com$7.5 million
20Beer.com$7 million
21Z.com$6.8 million
22iCloud.com$6 million
23Israel.com$5.8 million
24Casino.com$5.5 million
25Slots.com$5.5 million
26AsSeenOnTv.com$5.1 million
27Toys.com$5.1 million
28Clothes.com$4.9 million
29Medicare.com$4.8 million
30IG.com$4.6 million
31GiftCard.com$4 million
32Yp.com$3.8 million
33HG.com$3.77 million
34Mi.com$3.6 million
35Ice.com$3.5 million
36AltaVista.com$3.3 million
37Whisky.com$3.1 million
38California.com$3.0 million
39Candy.com$3.0 million
40Loans.com$3.0 million
41Vodka.com$3.0 million

Thinking about Buying a Domain Name?

The list of most expensive domain names have some similar attributes:

  • Consist of fewer than 16 characters
  • Include .com top-level domain

With this list, we hope you have a better understanding of the domain names that are being sold at such enormous prices.

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