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Medicel Aesthetics

Medicel Aesthetics, a leading and well-established aesthetics center in Orchard, Singapore, is dedicated to improving your skin health through highly effective and efficient approaches.


Medicel Aesthetics, a health and beauty company dedicated to enhancing the well-being and beauty of their clients. Our task was to bring a touch of sophistication and brand identity to their shopfront cupboards through a carefully designed sticker decal.

Understanding the unique needs of Medicel Aesthetics, we strategically placed emphasis on key elements that resonate with their audience, ensuring a compelling and aesthetic representation.

The sticker decal draws inspiration from Medicel Aesthetics’ distinctive blue corporate colours, weaving it seamlessly into the design to establish a cohesive visual identity. Embracing a minimalistic and modern vibe, we employed simple geometrical shapes and lines to create a balanced layout that complements the brand’s ethos.

The end result is a captivating sticker decal that not only aligns with Medicel Aesthetics’ brand but also serves as a visual magnet, drawing attention to their health and beauty offerings.


Medicel Aesthetics




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