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Shireen & Eunice LLP

Shireen & Eunice LLP, a boutique law firm in Singapore specialising in corporate and personal client matters.


Our recent collaboration with Shireen & Eunice LLP centered around the creation of a contemporary and professional website strategically designed to showcase their expertise and allure potential clients.

The primary objective was to craft a design that not only effectively communicated the firm’s brand and values but also prioritized ease of navigation and user-friendly interactions.

To accomplish this, our process began with thorough research into the client’s target audience and competitors.

Subsequently, we curated a bespoke design featuring a clean layout, prominent calls to action, and clear messaging that accentuated the firm’s unique selling points.

Moreover, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices, we made the website fully responsive and optimized for search engines. 

The outcome was a visually captivating and functional website that authentically represents the client’s brand and aligns with their business objectives. 


Shireen & Eunice LLP




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" Chris was very hands-on and practical in his approach. He provided a lot of guidance and was very focused on the project. Chris gave useful explanations of the more technical aspects of website designing to us. We are happy with the services of Design Start! "
Shireen Chua
Shireen Chua, Managing Partner
Shireen & Eunice LLP Desktop Website Showcase
Showcase of Desktop Website
Shireen & Eunice LLP Mobile Website Showcase
Showcase of Mobile Website