The Best Website Builders of 2021

Last updated on December 4, 2020.
Best Website Builders 2020

Website builders are designed specifically for end-users who have no previous experience with website design to build a website on their own. It allows you to start a website from a suite of pre-made templates that you can build your content around.

There’s no installation of software and the majority of the website building work is carried out directly online, normally via a web browser.

Website builders are all the rage these days and with so many of them on the market, it can sometimes be hard to find the right solution.

In this article, we share the pros and cons of website builders and also go through some of the popular website builders that you can use.

Roundup of the Best Website Builders in 2021

1. Wix

Best Website Builders: Wix

2. Squarespace

Best Website Builders: Squarespace

3. Weebly

Best Website Builders: Weebly

4. Shopify

Best Website Builders: Shopify

5. duda

Best Website Builders: duda

The Pros of Using Website Builders

1. Catered For Users Who Have No Coding Expertise and Experience

One of the biggest reasons why website builders are so popular these days is that it allows anyone to build a website without any coding expertise or experiences.

Website builders are extremely useful for first-time owners and people who wish to design their very own websites without the help of a professional website developer.

For someone who just needs a simple website without a full suite of customizations, website builders are a great choice to start with. There is a little learning curve involved and designing work is normally carried out through an intuitive interface that you can drag and drop elements like images and text blocks, to achieve the desired outcome.

It is great for users who have a limited budget on hand or for anyone who wishes to just start on a side project.

2. Cost To Build A Website Is Minimal

The cost to build a website through website builders is minimal and many website builders in the market provide free trials that allow you to set-up a website first and pay later if you choose to upgrade to better and paid plans.

They are great for those who are just starting their first website or those that might just want to start blogging for fun.

If you are planning to launch multiple websites at once, website builders can be a great option to reduce costs.

3. Reduce Deployment Time of Website

If you are on a time constraint and looking to put together a website within a few days, website builders would be an excellent solution.

A design process would normally entail the following:

  • Selection of domain name.
  • Choose from a collection of pre-made website design templates.
  • Add content to your chosen template.
  • Website deployment.

Depending on the type of website builders and your level of expertise, you would take anything from a few hours to a few days to complete the website. With professional web design agencies or companies, a project would take months from start to deployment.

The Cons of Using Website Builders

1. Advertisements

Have you ever wonder how website builders can offer services for free? Like many companies, they run ads to bring in revenue so that they can continue to offer free trials and plans for their services.

For example, WIX runs advertisements on all pages for all websites that are under their free plan. You have no control over the nature of the advertisements and how it appears.

People are exposed to too many intrusive advertisements and hate ads in general. Ever coming across full-page ads where they take over the entire screen, and when you tried to click on the close button, it opens up another window?

This leads to very negative user experience on your website, and such experiences can stick with them and it’s almost impossible to get them back again.

2. Repetitive and Duplicate Website Templates

One of the best things about website builders is that it allows you to choose from dozens of templates that you can build your website around.

Now, imagine this scenario that’s happening every single day. There are around say 100 design templates for you to choose from and there are millions of users using these free website builders.

What are the chances of your website using the same template from others or even worst, your competitors? This is not rocket science and the chances are indeed very high.

First impression counts and you got only less than a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. People are getting increasingly impatient and would not hesitate to move on to something else.

A unique website is what sets you apart from your competitors and is also one of the main reasons why your customers choose you over the rest.

3. Zero Ownership of Domain Name and Website

You have worked hard, building up your content, putting in the final touches, and ready to publish your website. What do you see on your website URL?

That’s right, you will see that the website URL consists of both your business and website builder name.

The domain name is the name of your business online and it’s what your audience uses to access your website, typically through a website browser. It’s the brand name that your audience first gets to know you.
A good domain name adds professional credibility to your business and provides greater visibility to your brand. It reinforces your branding images and makes it so much easier for them to remember you.

What would your audience think when they see your domain name contains names like WIX and Squarespace? Is the business for real and can I place my trust in you?

Having your domain name is very important, it reflects what your business is and what it stands for.

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